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CMMS, a Computerized Maintenance Management Software Program for Support Automation Technology that includes Application Development and Deployment for corporation work groups that require Computerized Maintenance Management Software, CMMS, Help Desk, Asset, ERP Enterprize Resource Planning, CRM Customer Resource Management and Assets, and "Customer Retention Marketing" program secondto none.

Can you imagine acquiring a complete CODE FREE application and development tool that provides over 500 fields of data defined for most all applications for major businesses and SMB's at little or no cost. Amazing what 40 years in development can bring with over 200 data files anwind 20,000 ready to run programs, WITH NO BUGS.

Can you create software program in seconds with just holding down two (2) keys? I don't think so. Well with our CAT development software tools and library of' over 500 fields of data, over 200 data files, and over 20,000 software programs you can virtually create anything in less than seconds. Code Avoidance Technology using or post 4GL tools is second to none. Develop for single user, client/server, Internet web based deployments.

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